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Portable, Ultrafast EV Charging

Freedom to drive anywhere.
Explore EVunited's portable and ultrafast charging solutions for Electric Vehicles - offering fast charging comparable to Level 2 and Level 3 charging experiences.
  • Drive without limits - eliminate range anxiety
  • Provide charging in case of emergencies
  • On-demand charging at your convenience
  • Modular design to accommodate all EV charging needs
  • Ideal Charging Solution for Fleet, Automotive Dealerships, Roadside Assistance, Utilities, OEMs, Events, + More 

SparkCharge Roadie

The SparkCharge Roadie is a completely infrastructure-independent, configurable, and mobile charging solution. The Roadie has many business applications for auto manufacturers, car dealerships, real estate management, car rental companies, retail stores, on-demand charging, and many more. 

Since the chargers are compact, they can be delivered to an EV driver on demand, or add to your journey as an emergency charging kit.  Each 3.5 kWh battery pack can hold up to 14-15 miles of range. Battery packs can be stacked on top of each other to extend the amount of range. With our portable DC Level 3 Fast Charger, charging electric vehicles has never been more convenient. Add up to 4 battery modules to the base charging unit to achieve up to 60 miles of total range

SparkCharge provides back-end software that allows users to monitor the units from anywhere. Whether in the field or at a base, a fleet monitor or admin can always know where their units are and how they are performing.

sparkcharge roadie2


How do you recharge the Roadie? 
You can easily recharge each battery in about two hours using any 120v outlet. 

Can I charge any EV with the Roadie? 
The Roadie is compatible with virtually all EVs that have DC fast charging capability. Keep in mind there are two types of DC fast charging, CHAdeMO & CCS. While most EVs sold in the US are CCS, Tesla EVs will require the CHAdeMO version of the Roadie with a Tesla adapter.

Can I purchase the Roadie for personal use?

At this time the Roadie is sold exclusively to businesses and not consumers.

What businesses use the Roadie? 

All types of businesses are using the Roadie. From auto manufacturers, car rental companies, roadside assistance companies, utilities, retail locations, fleet management, real estate management, & many more.