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Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Solutions

From design to engineering, procurement, installation, and maintenance, EVunited is your trusted partner for EV charging station projects nationwide.

EVunited is your premier source for EV charging solutions. Our knowledgeable EV experts are here to help you with your EV charging needs, nationwide. As your one-stop shop for all things EV, EVunited provides nationwide safe, reliable and robust commercial electric vehicle charging solutions. We collaborate with you on product selection, network management software and help to locate grants, providing end-to-end sales, installation, guidance and support.

Top Brands
We find the most reputable, reliant, and innovative products maximizing the longevity of your investment & providing a hassle-free experience.
Customized Solutions
Each Client has different needs. Offering an extensive selection of products allows us to build a tailored solution that will provide maximum benefit.
Continuous Collaboration
Communication and relationships with our partners is critical to us. In order for us to provide the best service and support for our Clients, we have to align.
EV Care
EVunited is proud to offer EV-CARE as an extended care/maintenance offering to our clients, as means to further protect your investment in EV charging.

Our Partners

Level 2 

Level 2 EV chargers use 240v electrical circuits. The majority of household electric car chargers are level 2. Level 2 EV chargers allow you to charge your electric vehicle in just a few hours. A level 2 EV charger safely and quickly delivers AC power to your electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid so you’re always ready to go. Having a level 2 EV charger means having reliable and energy efficient charging. 

  • Up to ~30 miles of range per hour
  • Tailored solutions for fleet, workplace, multifamily, public charging, + more!
  • Entry level charging solution to provide charging as an amenity or convenience
level 2 evunited ev charger

DC Fast

Level 3 or "DC Fast" EV chargers use 480v electrical circuits. This level of charge is usually only available for public electric car charging stations. Level 3 charging for electric car is currently the fastest charging method available.

    • 150-350 + miles of range per hour
    • Meet EV Driver demands for fast charging speeds
    • C-Stores, Hospitals, City Municipals, Fleet, Automotive Dealers, Workplaces, Retailers and others
    • eBus depot and en-route charging including Pantograph charging
    • DC Wallbox (small footprint, low cost entry to Fast Charging)
ev charger


Explore our portable and ultrafast charging solutions for Electric Vehicles, offering fast charging comparable to Level 2 and Level 3 charging experiences.

  • Approximate charging speeds - 1 mile every 60 seconds
  • Drive without limits - no range anxiety
  • Automotive Dealerships
  • Fleets - emergency charging kit
  • Roadside Assistance
  • On-Demand charging


evunited portable sparkcharge