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Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Solutions

Site Assessments, Design, Procurement, Installation and Support. EVunited is your trusted partner for EV charging station projects nationwide.

EVunited is a national provider and premier source for EV charging solutions. Our knowledgeable EV experts are here to help you with your EV charging needs, prepared to present to you options that will best meet your charging requirements and desired charging speeds. As your one-stop shop for all things EV, EVunited provides nationwide installation services, reliable and robust commercial electric vehicle charging solutions. We collaborate with you to learn more about your needs, advise on EV charger model selection, Network Management Software and assist with locating funding or other incentives to help maximize your investment. Our approach is "turn-key", offering guidance, procurement, installation and support.

Leading Brands
We offer proven, reliable EV Charging solutions, maximizing the longevity of your investment. As a Trusted Advisor, we can help you select the charging solution that is best meets your charging needs.
Customized Solutions
EV Charging needs vary by use case, often influenced by requirements such as Fleet, Workplace and other charing requirements. We have formulated a strategic portfolio of EV Charger options, allowing us to build and tailor a solution just for you.
Customer Experience
We strive to share our passion and expertise throughout the duration of the project engagement. Our mission is to provide for a seamless adoption of EV charging, including site planning, design and installation of the EV Charging solutions we endorse and recommend to our Clients.
EV Care
EVunited is proud to offer EV-CARE as an extended care/maintenance offering to our clients, as to further protect your investment in EV charging.

Level 2 AC Charging

Level 2 EV chargers use 208 / 240v electrical circuits, ranging up to 80A. Level 2 EV chargers allow you to charge your electric vehicle in just a few hours.

  • Single or Dual Ports, ranging from 30A to 80A (19.2 kW)
  • Charge 2 vehicles simultaneously
  • Tailored solutions for fleet, workplace, multifamily, public charging and more!
  • Entry level charging solution to provide charging as an amenity or convenience. You may establish a billing policy to collect usage fees from EV Drivers
  • 10 - 75 miles of charge per hour, depending on the charger model and vehicle battery type
  • NACS and J1772 connector


level 2 evunited ev charger

DC Fast (Level 3) Charging

Level 3 or DC Fast Chargers typically use 480v electrical circuits. Level 3 charging for electric vehicles is currently the fastest charging method available.

    • Provide a full charge within the range of 15 to 60 minutes
    • 150-350 + miles of range per hour
    • Meet demands for ultra fast charging speeds
    • C-Stores, Hospitals, City Municipals, Fleet, Automotive Dealers, Workplaces, Retailers and others
    • eBus depot and en-route charging including Pantograph charging
    • NACS, CCS and CHAdeMO connectors
ev charger

Site Enhancements - Canopies and Security

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