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A Leader in the EV Charging industry, reliable Cloud Network and peace of mind - 24x7 monitoring of stations with best in class site maintenance. 

A complete portfolio of charging options.




ChargePoint Express Plus (Modular)


Scalability and Speed: Express Plus is capable of delivering up to 500 kW to a single vehicle. The modular architecture of the platform ensures that an installation can scale as demand for power and ports increases.

Usability and Experience: The Express Plus platform is designed to be easy to use by all types of drivers as well as easy to own and operate for all businesses.

Cost-Effective Operations: Station owners can start small and expand to the highest charging capacity in the industry without any stranded investment by adding EXPP Power Modules, EXPP Power Blocks and EXPP Power Links as demand increases. High-efficiency power conversion (> 95% efficiency) reduces electricity costs and wasted energy.

Depending upon configuration, the system is able to deliver up to 500 kW to a single port, with the potential to add hundreds of miles of range in under 15 minutes.





The ChargePoint® 6000 Series (CP6000) is part of our complete set of electric vehicle (EV) fleet solutions, offering the fastest AC charging available, fleet management software, Power Management and tailored service options. With over a decade of experience supporting business-critical charging infrastructure, ChargePoint has the expertise and scale to support your electric fueling operations.

The ChargePoint 6000 Series is suited for depot charging of EVs in sales, service, delivery or passenger transportation fleets, including school buses; light-duty cars, vans and trucks; and medium-duty vans, trucks and shuttles.

CP6000 works for your fleet today and scales with you tomorrow. Modular hardware and flexible software prepare your operations and electrification strategy for future growth.



A commercial AC Level 2 40A (7.2kW) charging station with additional features ideal for mixed-use applications including public parking, workplace, fleet, and general public access.

These are the flagship, most commonly deployed, workhorse charging stations. They are level 2 stations that can charge any EV and utilize the industry standard J1772 connector. The chargers provide about 25-30 miles of range per hour of charging.

This station can be purchased in single or dual plug configurations to charge one or two vehicles simultaneously. It can also be configured as a pedestal mount such as in a parking lot or on a wall such as in a parking garage or on the side of a building.

The ChargePoint CT4000 Series comes with the Self-retracting Cord Management System.


CPE250 Fast Charger

This is the ChargePoint DC fast charging station that charges all EVs capable of fast charging at 62.5kW, charging 25% faster than a 50kW station. These are typically used along highway corridors to enable traveling longer distances but are also used where the driver needs a fast charge.

Two ChargePoint CPE250s can be paired together to provide charging power of up to 125kW, dynamically managing charging power between two vehicles. The Paired Express 250 is the best way to support current and future vehicles with the same installation.


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