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Electrify your site - grow your revenue

Electrify your Retail site

Ultra Fast Charging - prepare for now and the future.

Attract EV Drivers to your retail center - differentiate from your competitors

Adding a DC Fast Charging solution provides a high-speed charging option for your retail convenience / fueling center.  With the increase in EV vehicle adoption, EV Drivers will map their journey and identify sites where they can reenergize their vehicle, in as little as 30 minutes.

Increase Dwell Time / Increase your Revenues

Invest in EV charging to attract EV Drivers to your "charging oasis", resulting in EV drivers spending time at your site location, presumably increasing your revenues.  You may also establish and collect fees for usage of your charging stations, providing for an additional revenue stream for your business, while offsetting your electrical utility EV charging consumption costs.

Ultra Fast Charging 

Charging up to speeds of 350 kW, ranging from 50 kW - 350 kW, depending on your charging requirements and desired charging speed.

Fast Charging

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Autel Energy


EVBox Troniq Modular's field-upgradeable modular architecture (60kW up to 240kW) keeps your station up and running. Each station can have up to two CCS1 cables to deliver high power safely. The Autel MaxiCharger is both NEVI and BuyAmerica compliant while it provides hassle-free and cost-efficient charging. Upgradeable power modules and smart charging allows you to save on costly grid upgrades and charge multiple EVs at the same time.

Key Features:


    • 20 kW power modules (scale from 60kW to 240kW)
    • Large LED 27" screen
    • Modular architecture
    • Charge up to 2 vehicles simultaneously
Terra 94-124-184 CC - transp


Terra All-In-One DC Fast Charger (94, 124 or 184 kW)

ABB’s Terra line (94, 124, and 184) chargers are designed to meet EV battery voltage capabilities up to 920V to deliver charging services across a wider range of EVs. The compact, modular design, make these stations perfect for retail, highway, or fleet use, with power sharing to further optimize utilization.

Key Features:

  • All-in-one charger from 90kW to 180kW with Up to 920 VDC

  • Terra 124 and Terra 184 can charge two electric vehicles simultaneously

  • Reliable cable management system available as ordered or field upgrade

  • Flexible configurations and customizable user interface

  • Integration with OCPP networks, payment platforms and energy management

  • RFID authorization modes and Integrated payment terminal

  • Available in 90,  120, & 180 kW configurations


GEN 4 180 kW All-In-One DC Fast Charger

Introducing BTC POWER’s Gen4 180kW All-in-one (AiO) DC Fast Charger for Electric Vehicles (EVs). Featuring optional liquid cooled cables, the 180kW AiO DC Fast Charger can provide an 80% EV battery charge in as little as 10 to 15 minutes, offering the capability to serve more customers in less time.

Key Features:

• CCS-1 and CHAdeMO Connector Options
Simultaneous Charging
• Liquid Cooled Cables for 500A Continuous Charging
• 15”or 32” Optional Touchscreen
• Credit Card and RFID Payment Options
• Modular System for Future Upgrades
• Integrated Cord Retraction
• Compact Design



Scalability and Speed: Express Plus is capable of delivering up to 500 kW to a single vehicle. The modular architecture of the platform ensures that an installation can scale as demand for power and ports increases.

Cost-Effective Operations: Station owners can start small and expand to the highest charging capacity in the industry without any stranded investment by adding EXPP Power Modules, EXPP Power Blocks and EXPP Power Links as demand increases. High-efficiency power conversion (> 95% efficiency) reduces electricity costs and wasted energy.

Depending upon configuration, the system is able to deliver up to 500 kW to a single port, with the potential to add hundreds of miles of range in under 15 minutes.

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