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Welcome to the EVunited - EV Care Internal Support Center.  This resource page is to be used as a reference guide by EVunited Associates for offering support for your clients.

Your Role - EV Care:  At EVunited, we take great pride in extending exceptional support to our customers.  If you are assigned or requested to assist with a support ticket, your responsibility is to provide exceptional customer service to our clients, including managing 3rd party resources to remediate the issue.  You are expected to provide frequent updates to the customer (every 24 - 48 hours), to include opening and managing support tickets with our 3rd party vendors and partners.  At times, it may be necessary to escalate issues to EVunited Management, or seek to escalate with our vendors and partners, as necessary.

Our Process:  You will likely need to open both an internal ticket & an external ticket(s) with the proper EVunited EVSE charging station vendor and Cloud / Network Services vendor.  Occasionally, you may need to engage a local EVunited Electrical Partner to assist with onsite troubleshooting or maintenance related issues.


1. Opening an Internal Ticket

Ticket Pipeline Hub:


NOTE:  This is only necessary when a ticket does not already exist.  Our customers have the ability to submit a request for support via an EV Care Form, accessible on our website.  Please verify if an internal ticket exists.  If not, you will need to assist with creating a new ticket in HubSpot.  To create a ticket, hover over the "Service" tab in the navigation menu. A drop down menu will appear and "Tickets" will be at the top. Click on "Tickets." This will direct you to the "Ticket" pipeline hub. 

HubSpot internal service ticket

Creating A New Ticket Best Practices

1. "Create Ticket" 

2. Input "Ticket Name, Description, Date" based off client's service request. Make sure to include which action you are planning to take (i.e. reaching out to an EVSE vendor, going "on-site" to assess the issue) and update as needed.

3. Set priority level.

4. Associate company with the deal. 

5. "Create"

6.  Assign the ticket to yourself, or the EVunited Sales Rep that owns the customer relationship.




2. Opening an External Ticket (EVSE Vendors/Network Providers)

Now that you have recorded the service request through HubSpot's internal ticketing pipeline, you will need to set up an external ticket with the appropriate EVSE/Network Partner.



Station Owner, Installation, and Partner Support:
(Mon – Fri, 5 AM PT – 6 PM PT)

Phone: 1-877-850-4562

ChargePoint Suport Form:



Tech desk is available from 7am-7pm CST.

Email:  us.evci.techteam@abb.com

Phone:  1-800-825-2556

  1. Email us-chargerdesk@abb.com with the issue, shortly after the customer will receive a response back with a Service Ticket and number. Customers can communicate directly with ABB's service team through that ticket/email.

  2. You can also follow this link https://abb-emobility-community.force.com/AbbEmobilityPortal to request access to the online portal. Once you have access, this portal can be used to search all of your tickets and their current status’s etc.



Email:  help@evbox.com

Primary Support Contact:  Alfred Rezk, 917-561- 6568 


Email:  support.usa@tritium.com.au

Support Phone:  1-424-323-3237



Service Hotline: 415-779-5515, ext 5

Customer Support Form:



Service Hotline: 1-855-900-7584

Email: support@greenlots.com


Service Hotline: 1-833-692-6787

Email:  info@ampup.io 


Click Here - Our Electrical Partners Page



NOTE:  EVunited does not provide EV Driver direct support.  Customers should direct EV Drivers directly to the Cloud Provider (ChargePoint, AmpUp or Greenlots) for EV Driver direct support.

You should confirm if a customer requesting support has a valid EV Care contract with EVunited.  If they do not, you can certainly proceed to assist them, but you will want to alert the EVunited Sales Associate to follow up, as we should seek to establish EV Care with our customers, specifically if they are expecting us to provide support to remediate an issue.

ChargePoint:  Customers with ChargePoint Assure Maintenance should engage ChargePoint directly for support.  ChargePoint will typically work directly with the customer to resolve issues covered under maintenance / warranty. You may assist with facilitating the support request, or suggest to the customer that they should engage ChargePoint directly for support.  Please do oversee and confirm that ChargePoint is engaged and offering support.

1st Level of Support - for customers that may be seeking technical support for EVBox and Greenlots related issues, EVunited must provide "first level" support.  We are expected to open support tickets with EVBox and Greenlots, to include managing an open ticket to resolution.  The same may apply to ABB, Tritium and AmpUp, depending on the level and type of maintenance sold.  If a customer reaches out to us for Tritium or ABB support, we should assist with facilitating the support request, to include opening support tickets with the EVSE vendor, as needed.

EVBox - part replacement & onsite warranty service - should it be determined that a EVBox part need to be replaced or an onsite tech is needed to troubleshoot the EVBox station, EVunited is responsible for scheduling and contracting a local electrical partner to travel onsite, to assist with onsite diagnostics and troubleshooting.  You should coordinate this effort between EVBox support, and our electrical partner, overseeing this entire process until the issue is resolved for our customer.  Please reference our Electrical Partner list for service dispatch.

Tritium / ABB part replacement & onsite warranty service - depending on the type and level of maintenance we sold to the customer, we may need to coordinate the onsite service and support of a local electrical partner to remedy the onsite issue.  Please reference our Electrical Partner list for service dispatch.  If the EVunited Sales Rep sold onsite service from Tritium or ABB, then the Tritium or ABB should be dispatched onsite to service the station.

Freewire:  Customers with Freewire Maintenance should engage Freewire directly for support.  Freewire will typically work directly with the customer to resolve issues covered under maintenance / warranty.  You may assist with facilitating the support request, or suggest to the customer that they should engage Freewire directly for support.  Please do oversee and confirm that Freewire is engaged and offering support.

AmpUp and Greenlots - for the most part, you should encourage customers to engage AmpUp and Greenlots directly for support.  You may oversee and facilitate and confirm that AmpUp and Greenlots is engaged, providing support as necessary in a timely manager to remediate reported issues.