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EVunited is committed to helping you have the best customer experience, whether you have invested in electric vehicle charging or solar.  Below you will find guidance on when and how to engage EVunited for Customer Care.


EV Charging Station - Who do I contact if I encounter an issue? 

EVunited Customer Care support requires that customers maintain a valid and current support contract with EVunited.   If you have a direct maintenance and support agreement with the EVSE station vendor, please contact the EVSE vendor directly for support.

STATION SOFTWARE / NETWORK ISSUE - please consider reaching out directly to the network service provider.  If the station appears to be "offline" and not connected to the network, we recommend engaging the network service provider directly to remediate.

STATION HARDWARE ISSUEplease reach out to EVunited Customer Care and submit a support request via the form provided below.

For general support or if you are not certain if your station issue is software, hardware, or network connectivity related, please submit a request for support to our EV Care Team.



EV Driver Support - please call the support# located on the charging station or within the EV Driver mobile app.  To obtain the EV Driver mobile app, please seek to download the app from the the Apple or Google app store.  Prior to initiating a charging session, you will likely need to install the app on your Smart Phone and establish an account.

NOTE:  EVunited does not provide EV Driver support.


Thank you for being a valued EVunited customer. We hope to keep your site-host experience as simplified and rewarding as possible. Let's charge forward together!