Surfwheel TR Electric Skateboard
Surfwheel TR Electric Skateboard

Surfwheel TR Electric Skateboard

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Introducing the TR Surfwheel: a one-wheel, motorized skateboard that gives you a zero-gravity feeling while ‘surfing’ on land. With the TR Surfwheel, you can get the rush of surfing a wave by just stepping outside your front door!

With a weight of just 13lbs, the TR Surfwheel is one of the lightest and most portable electric mobility devices in the market, making it a fantastic urban commuter or campus electric skateboard. This Surfwheel e-board is equipped with safety wheels and has 360 degree illumination with high efficient LED lights that provide a safer, fun and easy way to be visible at night. By using the Surfwheel app, which is available for both Android and IOS you are able to switch between different riding modes, check your battery status, track your speed with the built-in speedometer, and also adjust the LED lights of Surfwheel. This electric board is the perfect method of cruising your way to your next destination!

  • Max speed : 10mph
  • Range : 7 miles
  • Riding style : Patented tire tread for Surfing on land movement (US10065103B2)
  • App enabled : Support iOS/Android
  • LED light : LED light guide
  • Spot light : No
  • Easy to carry : Pull to go
  • Support replaceable battery : N/A
  • Bring on flight : Need to disassemble the battery
  • Safety wheels : Patented front/rear safety wheel (US10058765B2)
  • Weight : 13lbs (6kg)
  • Cells : 10 x 2000amh 3.6v (5c)
  • Dimension : 55*18*13.5cm