Lifestyle & Wellness

Team - This year EVunited has established multiple partnerships with vendors that gave us the ability to buy their products at a discounted rate. With a vast range of products, we are glad to extend this offer to our employees if anyone would like to purchase any of these products. EVunited Associates may browse these products and contact EVunited Operations ( to inquire about an employee discount.

EVunited is pleased to share with our associates access to discounted items that may offer and provide for a better Lifestyle, while ideally presenting to you items that may promote an overall Healthier and more Sustainable You!  As we recognize that you, your family and friends are of most importance, we hope that you find some of these items to be of interest to you, ranging from fun items & gifts, to items that promote wellness benefits. 

Our vendor partners include:

  • Razor - Products offered include electric scooters, dirt bikes, quads, riding safety equipment, etc. 
  • Gaiam - Offers a selection of personal exercise/wellness items as well as a large range of workout clothing and accessories 
  • Evolve Scooters - Another vendor like Razor that mainly focuses on a variety of electric scooters
  • Wine Enthusiast - Lots of "fun" items here, ranging from electric wine openers to wine coolers/refrigerators
  • Surfwheel - Offers a range of electric skateboards
  • Two Dots - Mainly focuses on electric hoverboards as well as go-karts
  • DJI Drones - Offers a wide variety of drones and drone accessories