EV and Healthcare

Hospitals and healthcare offices receive a large amount of traffic each day. The desire for charging stations are not just for visitors hopeful to charge when there, but also fleets, shuttles, employees, and service vehicles.

Additionally charging stations allow organizations to increase their sustainability, hit facility goals and meet LEED standards. The presence of EV charging stations also provides modern and sustainable appearance.

Charging Station Uses


As healthcare fleets grow, alternative fuel and Electrical Vehicle desire is increasing.


On large campuses, employees and even visitors are relying upon shuttles. Shuttle services which run all day long can access charging on off hours. 
Visitors The growing EV population desires access to charging stations. Offering visitors one less thing to think of in instances of emergency or joy, provides peace of mind.
Employees As the search for talent within healthcare facilities grows, the desire of employees to be provided access to benefits and amenities is now starting to include EV stations for their vehicles during the day.
Ambulatory Services

With the increase in alternative fuels, Ambulatory services have found their way into Electric offerings.

Ways to consume EV charging:

  • Utilize an OPEX model
  • Traditional CAPEX purchase
  • Let EVunited help find funds through grants and programs

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