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Welcome to EV CARE.

EVunited is committed to helping you make the most of your electric vehicle charging station investment.  Below you will find guidance on when and how to engage AmpUp, as well as EVunited.  Our intent is to simplify our customer care process by providing a single platform in which site hosts ("you") can use to quickly resolve issues. 

Your EV Care Package Includes: 

  • Business Day Level 1 Support
  • M-F 8am-5pm local time, excluding holidays
  • Remote Diagnostics & Troubleshooting
  • Station Monitoring (Up / Down status)
  • Incident Management
  • Onsite Technician Dispatch (as needed)
  • Management of parts replacement, as covered by your EVSE vendor warranty

A networked EV charging station is complex. 

There are several components to a charging solution. As each solution is unique - from the hardware, software, cloud network, and even driver support - it can be overwhelming for the site host to know who to contact when an issue arises. 

Who do I contact if I encounter an issue? 



If there is an apparent issue with the station software or cloud-based network service from AmpUp, reaching out directly to the support team at AmpUp is recommended.  If the station appears to be "offline" and not connected to the network, we recommend engaging AmpUp directly to remediate.  As AmpUp is the network provider for your station, they are equipped with a specialized team of professionals ready to assist you.

NOTE:  When you open the support request with AmpUp, please be sure to disclose your company name, the unique ID associated with your troubled station and the EVSE manufacturer of your station.  Please consider copying the EVunited Customer Care Team (EVcare@evunited.com) on the support request email that you submit to AmpUp.

Email: info@ampup.com

Phone:  833.692.6787


In the case of an apparent station hardware issue, please reach out to EVunited Customer Care and submit a support request via the following customer care form.

EVunited Customer Care Form:



Do you need help assisting an EV driver with setting up a user profile on the network? AmpUp has a mobile app that is available in the Apple Store & Google Play Store. This app provides site hosts and EV drivers with resources and tools for supporting EV drivers through the AmpUp network. 

 You can download the app at:  

For general EV Driver Support inquiries,  AmpUp's Customer Care Team can assist in answering any general questions you may have pertaining to EV drivers. 

EV Driver Support: 833.692.6787 


Thank you for being a valued EVunited customer. We hope to keep your site-host experience as simplified and rewarding as possible. Let's charge forward together!


EV Care support requires that customers maintain a valid and current support contract with EVunited.