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Download "The Benefits of Workplace Charging" Infographic below.

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Why take advantage now?

Our Infographic shares more insight into why companies are taking advantage of EV chargers. Here are 5 additional reasons why:

  1. Attract and retain employees
  2. Enhance company brand image
  3. Support sustainability goals / Green initiatives
  4. Differentiate from competition
  5. Increase revenues and attract new clients

Take Advantage of Incentives:

EV registrations in the Pittsburgh region expected to reach nearly 100,000 within 20 years (which is 50 times the number registered today).

The EV Charging Rebate will increase EV charging accessibility in the Pittsburgh region by providing commercial properties with funding for the installation of Level 2 charging stations. Hosting a charging station can attract customers, help retain employees, and demonstrate sustainability leadership.

Current incentives are offered through various companies and organizations throughout PA.

  • Up to 32k per site incentives

  • Additional rebates available up to 10k per EV station

  • Incentives may cover up to 100% of project costs

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