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Invest in your business and a sustainable future.

Solar energy allows you to leverage a limitless natural energy source in the sun. As a result, you can drastically reduce — or even completely eliminate — your monthly electric utility costs.  You can then redirect your savings back into your organization, making solar energy a true investment for your business.

Utility costs are one of the largest expenses for most businesses. As your company grows, it consumes more energy — for lighting, HVAC, computing, and more. Solar can help you reduce your reliance upon electric, leading to significant cost reductions, while helping you achieve your sustainability goals.

Our Approach

At EVunited, we offer comprehensive solar solutions to our customers, inclusive of ROI & savings analysis, solar design and installation, inclusive of project management. Additional services include site analysis, financing, rebate application assistance, maintenance and support.

Partner with EVunited

Request a consult with one of our Team members.  A solar energy specialist will meet with you at your workplace or virtually. As part of our deliverable to you, you will receive a comprehensive proposal, which will include a design recommendation, all solar components necessary, installation, associated pricing, financing, and estimated savings to your organization.


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