Why Drive an Electric Vehicle?

Why Drive an Electric Vehicle (EV)?


EV Development

With EV ownership becoming more and more popular, consumers are making the switch from gas vehicles to EV’s. For many, making the switch can be intimidating at first, but a lot has changed since EV’s first hit the road. A few years ago, there were only a few different manufacturers producing these vehicles - this limited the amount of options for potential buyers. Today, EV development is a priority for almost all manufacturers, meaning more options for consumers concerning both styling and pricing.


Mileage Range

One of the biggest reasons electric vehicles have grown in popularity is due to the increased mileage range of new EV models. Range anxiety is a common fear amongst EV drivers, but with a full charge pushing what a full tank of gasoline offers, the anxiety is no longer an issue. Long range travel is possible with strategic implementation of EV charging stations connecting cities/destinations.


Cost of Ownership

The cost of ownership is significantly cheaper for EV’s. Tired of oil changes, transmission failure, and other engine/drivetrain related issues? Less moving parts means less service, which results in lower maintenance costs. Also, electricity is far cheaper than gasoline - roughly a third of the cost to charge compared to a full tank of gas in the equivalent vehicle.


Environmental Impacts

One of the more obvious reasons switching to an EV is a wise choice is the positive impact they have on our environment. EV’s have zero exhaust emissions, which will reduce harmful air pollution. Recharging using renewable energy such as plugging into a charger that is solar powered is another way to reduce emissions even further. Many car manufacturers are also using more eco-friendly methods of manufacturing electric vehicles such as using recycled materials in production.


As car manufacturers continue to expand their focus on EV development, the opportunity to have an EV that best suits your needs is readily available - join the EV community!


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