New Product Information: SparkCharge


Ultrafast Portable EV Charging

Launched in 2014, SparkCharge has developed a fully portable charging unit that can deliver a charge anytime, anywhere. Pre-scheduling charges before a trip can be a stressful, inconvenient task; relying on mounted charging stations might alter destination options while traveling. SparkCharge believes that charging should be based on the modern convenience model in which ordering a charge is as easy as let’s say; calling an Uber!

Product Overview

SparkCharge units feature a stackable battery system to extend range. Up to five batteries can be stacked at one time, delivering up to a maximum of 75 miles with all five, or 15 miles per unit. The charge is delivered at a rate of approximately 1 mile every 60 seconds. This is 14x faster than level one, and 6x faster than level 2 charging, placing it in level 3 territory. The units are small and lightweight allowing them to be easily transported in the trunk of a car and moved by hand!                                                                                                                                               SparkCharge also provides software which allows users to track usage, view location, and check performance - all in real time. This is especially useful for fleet managers in which keeping track of location and charge level is a necessity.

Where is SparkCharge Used? 

Unlike traditional mounted stations, SparkCharge has the ability to charge anywhere it is needed. With a strong focus on convenience, SparkCharge units can be found within roadside assistance/towing companies, various workplaces, hotels, even parking valets to name a few. An EV driver no longer has to alter destinations based on where traditional mounted stations are located. Instead, a driver can “order” a charge while they have lunch, or during a meeting. Fear of making it home or to the next charging station (also known as “range anxiety”) is alleviated as drivers can rest assured a charge can be delivered if they happen to run out along the way.

SparkCharge is changing the way EV drivers get a charge and are truly revolutionizing the convenience model making it easier than ever to keep your EV charged and ready for travel!

 If you'd like to learn more about your EV charging options for your business and how to get started, please contact us via or call us at 614-504-3803.