Drive Electric Week - September 14-22, 2019

Drive Electric Week - A Nationwide Celebration!


September 14th - 22nd marks National Drive Electric Week - a nationwide celebration for electric vehicle enthusiasts. With hundreds of events across the country happening throughout the week, it is a great opportunity to gain insight on this exciting movement. One of the best ways to learn more about electric vehicle ownership is hearing it from the owners themselves - drive electric week is for both future EV owners, and current EV owners anxious to share their experiences.


For many, getting used to the idea of owning a fully electric vehicle can be intimidating at first. Thankfully, it’s getting much easier to accept - the EV charging station infrastructure is growing rapidly and stations are popping up at a variety of destinations. To compliment this growing infrastructure, car manufacturers are investing billions in EV technology. It seems as if there is a race to have the most EV models/options between manufacturers as EV’s begin to become a more attractive option for car buyers. To give you an idea of this growth: General Motors is on track to have 20 new fully electric vehicles by 2023, Ford has announced 13 by 2023, and Jaguar will have a fully electrified line by 2020.


The best part of this immense development from manufacturers is the wide variety of models hitting the road. Need something long-range for road trips? A handful of EV’s are entering the 300-400-mile range. Need something capable of all terrain driving? Check out Rivian’s impressive lineup. Need a high-performance sports car? Porsche has just entered the full EV market with their new model, the Taycan - giving Tesla a run for their money.


The next few years of EV development will be exciting to follow, and EVunited is excited to continue growing the charging station infrastructure - we want to ensure you’ll be able to charge almost anywhere when you make the switch to electric!


Come meet the EVunited team on Sept. 17th from 5-9 at Land Grant Brewery for one of Columbus’ Drive Electric Week events! There are over 12 different EV’s registered for the event for people to check out. EVunited will be there to discuss EV charging solutions for both residential and commercial applications - come find us to learn more!


If you have any questions or would like to learn more about EV charging options and how to get started, please contact us via or call us at 614-504-3803. Also check us out on facebook/twitter @EVunitedCharge ... CHARGE FORWARD!