The Benefits of Hospitality Charging

EV Charging - Hospitality


One of the most frequently asked questions in the EV world… “How far can I go on a full charge”? While there is no simple answer, one thing remains true - miles per charge in any EV is increasing constantly as new technology becomes readily available. A Bloomberg New Energy Finance report, "Electric Vehicle Outlook 2018," predicts that sales of electric vehicles will increase from a record 1.1 million worldwide in 2017 to 11 million in 2025 and then to 30 million in 2030 as the price of manufacturing the vehicles falls.


Range anxiety is quickly becoming a concern of the past for EV drivers - more so for anyone traveling out of the city on a road trip of sorts. EV charging is becoming widespread in the hospitality industry, as EV drivers are starting to get more comfortable with the idea of taking their cars further distances. Hotels in and out of cities will give drivers the option to take their EV’s beyond the daily commute in town, by staying at a hotel that offers the amenity for guests during their stay.


Charging not only benefits the guests; hotel owners can use this as a method of attracting this growing demographic, in turn generating more revenue. If one out of five hotels in an area offers charging, traveling EV drivers are left with choosing that hotel every time. The station owner can help cater to the needs of their guest, increasing customer satisfaction. Also, with ChargePoint you have the flexibility to advertise on the station via custom panels / display screen - guests are ensured a great user experience, while hotel owners can advertise however they like.


Hospitality EV charging is revolutionizing the way we think about long distance travel in an electric car. When strategically placed, driving between cities, and even across the country, is a realistic expectation of the EV experience.


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