EV Charging within the Healthcare Industry

Why Healthcare?

EV charging is becoming more and more popular for various workplaces and destinations - the healthcare industry is no exception. Offering charging at hospitals gives doctors, staff, patients and visitors the benefit of EV charging - a growing amenity. In addition, utilizing a networked charging system such as ChargePoint, enables healthcare facilities to promote their location within the EV driver network. Staff can regularly plan to use EV charging stations giving them the option to make the switch to EV ownership, and visitors have the opportunity to charge during their visit. 

LEED for Healthcare

Since LEED launched in 2000, LEED for healthcare facilities has grown in popularity - especially in the past 5 years. Most new construction projects factor in LEED certification, but many existing hospitals are making upgrades to current buildings in order to qualify. EV charging can contribute to LEED certification as implementing can improve the facilities environmental impacts and also focuses on attracting and retaining staff.  Implementing various green initiatives and measuring them is crucial for LEED projects - thankfully ChargePoint’s networked chargers allows station owners to track usage and generate reports for review.

Why it’s Smart to Implement Now

Implementing EV charging now not only means you catering to the needs of current EV owners, but you’re future proofing for the increase of EV ownership over the next few years. Car manufacturers are spending billions in EV development - rather than waiting to implement EV charging until more EV’s hit the road, it is best to prepare the facility prior to the growth. 

Eventually we will begin to see fully electric emergency response vehicles - fleet charging will also become a necessity for healthcare facilities. While this might be a bit further down the road, it is smart for new and existing facilities to begin factoring this change into future planning.