The Benefits of Workplace Charging


How Recharging is Changing

Electric Vehicle (EV) drivers typically utilize their homes as a primary charging destination. As EV drivers go about their day driving around, they can utilize charging stations in the area to avoid what is commonly referred to as “range anxiety”. These stations are seen as an opportunity to top off your charge - similar to getting in your car and topping off your cell phone charge. These opportunities to charge are everywhere - shopping centers, malls, restaurants, etc, and are designed to be an amenity to guests visiting. EV drivers will choose one destination over another if they are able to charge during their stay - knocking out two things at once!

Workplace Charging

This concept is making its way into workplaces - offering the amenity of charging will cater to the needs of current and future employees. Giving employees the chance to use time at work to charge their EV is seen as a huge advantage to them. Green initiatives can be fulfilled with implementation, and with ChargePoints ability to generate usage reports, tracking of the station use can be monitored/regulated. Charging during work diminishes range anxiety for employees, leaving them feeling comfortable with the idea of going full electric - if they haven’t already. 

Captivate and Retain High-Quality Employees

Showing that your workplace has invested in charging for employees shows what your organization values: eco-friendliness, and forward thinking. This in turn will motivate employees to follow these core values, and provide an opportunity for them to participate in the growing EV movement. This concept will also send a positive message to customers, and overall brand image will benefit greatly. Implementing charging stations at work expands opportunities for the organization and helps future proof the smart workplace concept.


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